Saturday, July 17, 2010


The colours of the objects in front mes yeux aren't clair and clear. They seem to be dull, clouded. The reason is because of those greasy and oily marks on mes lunettes(my specs). sO, i take them off and clean them with a lotion. now when i place them back on my ears , on my nose and on my eyes, i can see things distinctly.
wEll, sO theRe iS a way where we caN clean up our sPecs to see things distinctly, but what about our thoughts? are they clEar, riGht and HumAne?
I happened to descend down the stairs this morning, and i observed something very strange today.My watchman wasn't allowing a poor old lady,who was wearing an unmatched blouse with her sari,probably she was 65-75yrs old lady who walked in into our apartments to sell flowers, she had a basket full of them-roses,marigold,jasmine...on her head.I was wondering why he wasn't allowing her inside .... whereas just think ... when a good, smart looking man with neatly ironed shirt and a tie enters the environ with a leather bag or few sheets of papers in his hand is never stopped by the watchman.WHy?? why does one discriminate by looking at the "habiller". Whereas the poor old lady and the man are on the same side ,who come to sell one's products. isn't it?So wHY make a diFFerence ?

Friday, July 16, 2010

IN a chamber

Well, when i was young, well i m young now also, but what i mean is when i was younger, in my school days i never really liked being photographed,,let it b excursion, or some kinda party or clicking pics for fun, i would never be the one to be on the other side of camera.PhoTos!!! oh, i used to hate that word.But my super- cutie -naughty-foody-sweety FRIENDS always use to find a tiny-winy or biggy-tiggy way to get ready to smile and be captured!i used to run away after hearing the word "camera".gosh, hated the concept of clicking oneself so many times.
I just hated myself in photos, i always felt i m not photogenic, and i thought i look very dark in pics and my photos turn out to be ugly rather than being good or lovely or beautiful. But then, something happened few days back... TA TA DAAA.......
TA TA DAAA... clicked some pics. i dont mean i clicked the pics, i was being clicked . For the first time,i was voluntarily posing for the pics. i was at my friends place and we just happened to come up with the idea of taking pics by wrapping "sari's"! i wore a sari for the first time ( i wont count that disastrous day when i wrapped the yellow one on teachers day, 3 years back , bcoz 10kgs do matter )! i just loved myself in the sari ,it was green, maroon,jaune.....i can now proudly say, i really looked beautiful in that sari!
one of my most memorable memory!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Okay. this is the 3rd time i m writing and i would like to continue what i am writing instead of erasing off the previous lines, which i have been doing since five mins! sitting on the chair, i am thinking about how i m going to be in next few years... my career , my job, my future....
i am sure it won't be like this text that i m jotting down, where i have a chance to insert, edit ,delete! Sometimes it scares me...
everyone in their lives has gone through this phase..... but for me. an amateur i need to face it now...!!! no, no , no, u guys are getting me wrong if u think i am taking it as a burden.. it's not that but... somewhere in my mind, my heart... i m confused and worried!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's been a long time since i have jotted down. Well, the second sem has started, i am back from my long vacation a few days ago. My first sem was fun.. i got good results too.,hope my second sem also goes well.
Well life seems to be dull now a days... don't know why... may be cause i am back to university after a very long holiday so i am missing mom and dad... missing loved ones... or may be cause it's winter... or may be cause people around me are wearing dull colours... or may be cause the days seem to be shorter... or may be cause i am missing mom's food... or may be i am missing my friends .... or may be i am missing my drive on my bike(which i love d most)....or may be cause i am missing the cold breeze of the beach... i guess i am missing everything ... ufff!!! gosh... i actually don't know why i am actually writin this piece... cause even this seems to be so rotten and dull... but its ok... sometimes i think one needs to let out their frustration through some means so this is it.....

Friday, October 2, 2009

ThoSe WhiTe TiLes

Well.., those white tiles seem to be so different now. Its been almost 2 months since i have been away from home, and those white tiles seem to be different.. cause i have got used to those brown tiles in my hostel. the most exciting and the happiest part of staying in hostel in coming back home!coming back to meet loved ones.... i better tell all you guys sitting in their chairs reading this.. who get hot food served everyday... you better know you are very lucky. Being in hostel is great, but coming back is even great!! ha ha ...

Friday, August 14, 2009

what is freedom?

- Moshe Dayan
Freedom,generally means the act of being free.Freedom to me might mean something different from freedom to others.One will not realize the meaning of liberty unless until one doesn't have it.We will never understand the meaning of freedom until we realize the importance of it.Freedom could be act of speaking freely,raising ones voice and speaking out,could be act of expressing one's thoughts.Freedom is the most important part of one's life,one will not realise the importance unless one doesn't have it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

can we erase?

ERASE...that's what i would like to do. Erase out few moments in my life,change the situation.Well,i think everyone at one point of time in their lives would want to go back and change ,wipe out a few situations.we all face bad situations in our lives and when we think about them today ,we would like to ERASE out all those moments...

Let us look at the other side of the coin.Sometimes i feel these moments teach us something.Every bad moment tries to teach us somethnig about, which one must try to comprehend... that is think positive , try to be optimistic about this bad episode....