Sunday, December 21, 2008

My P@rtner

I was watching a father and a daughter on the bike today .The father was trying to teach his daughter how to drive a bike. I recalled the time when my dad taught me how to drive a bike .It was a wonderful experience .Though it didn't take much time... i learnt it in 20 minutes.Well basically i am a fast learner. It was great and when got my own bike i was on cloud 9 truly...i felt so happy.. in my 17th year i have bike.. cool..i just love my bike.I love to drive .
I actually got my bike as a gift on my birthday.I was feeling great.iI feel it's a part of me. i will always need it wherever i go.........'s my partner

Sunday, December 14, 2008


The phrase "naked truth" has an interesting origin:

It comes from a fable :

Truth and Falsehood went swimming. Falsehood stole the clothes that Truth left on the bank, but truth refused to wear Falsehood's clothes and Truth went naked.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

key to live life

It was small,black , too tiny to see.Well those were the letters on my english question paper.
I was reading a comprehension. It was all about happiness. I was shocked that whatever i read were factual ,they were so true.I never knew that happiness could mean so much.
"Happiness"well we talk very little about it.. because we actually do not know about it.
Many people tend to equate it with fun,good living,plenty of money.Well if happiness was synonymous with all this,rich people with all their luxuries would be perpetually happy.But in actual this is not true.Happiness lies in how people see things .How one interprets the whole situation.Happiness may lie in helping someone crossing the road or even playing a game with your kid.
suceess is getting what one wants,whereas happiness is liking what one gets!!