Sunday, May 24, 2009

my first(bad) experiment!

I was feeling very hungry that day..i still remember that day... came back home after making an errand... i went to the kitchen picked up a few eggs from fridge ,and made scrambled egg for myself.After tasting what i made i thought i should never try my hand in cooking,it tasted so bad.hmm... well i never learnt cooking from mom though number of times she was ready to teach me... now i realize how important it is to learn cooking!!!


Sahil K said...

What..u dont know how to make scrambled eggs?? Shame on u!! I can make dat also!! :p

shravya said...

Seriously kruthi...aunty is such a fantastic cook....looks like some importants traits didn't rub off..LOL

krutz said...

hullo guys ! i m learning now! so chill!!!