Sunday, December 21, 2008

My P@rtner

I was watching a father and a daughter on the bike today .The father was trying to teach his daughter how to drive a bike. I recalled the time when my dad taught me how to drive a bike .It was a wonderful experience .Though it didn't take much time... i learnt it in 20 minutes.Well basically i am a fast learner. It was great and when got my own bike i was on cloud 9 truly...i felt so happy.. in my 17th year i have bike.. cool..i just love my bike.I love to drive .
I actually got my bike as a gift on my birthday.I was feeling great.iI feel it's a part of me. i will always need it wherever i go.........'s my partner

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Sahil K said...

Dats a sweet post..I wish same had been da case wen my dad was teaching me how to drive a car..I kept making mistakes n he kept shouting...SWEET..LOL..But dats okay..I was hopeless den!!