Sunday, November 30, 2008

enough is enough!

Though i have tears rolling down my cheeks...i feel angry when i recall what happened in mumbai on 26/ is a ridiculous situation ,that today one is frightened to take a stroll on the street. .. is this what we call freedom?After 51 hours terror operation in mumbai... one would feel so.It's sad that innocent people have lost lives and many are injured .Is the Govt is doing anything except talking issues .One must feel responsible and protect the nation.Work for it.I am not blaming anyone but i feel so sad when i thinkof those bullets fires, dead bodies,gutted floors and the cries.
I hope i would see a day where one could sleep peacefully on his bed without fearand dream.

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Sahil K said...

I know it feels so horrible wen u see ppl being slaughtered on da roads..Its repulsive..But da government has to do something..Its government's job to protect da ppl but what da f*#k are dey doing?? Mind my language but its da anger in me dat is speaking n its not gonna die down soon!!