Saturday, June 7, 2008

wake up!!!!

it was a couple of days back wen i was watching a show on television and tears rolled down my cheeks.i was watching a dance where the theme was "child labour". the small kids were enacting the whole act so wonderfully which almost felt tat it was close to reality.A little thought struck me tat."how many of us r actually fighting against child labour?"1,2,3......................?
are we at least giving a little time to even think of how community has changed over years......
think a little about it and try to contribute a little towards fighting against child labour!!!!

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Sahil K said...

Salute u! Its so true dat all od us detest it, but at da same time ignore it..What da hell are we doing to curb it?? Nothing..wen I say dis its not dat I'll close da comp n run down to help smbody..We're all bloody selfish!! But a change has to come before da situation gets out of hand!!